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Complete Guide About TRN (Tax Registration Number) Dubai, UAE

The contribution to taxation in the United Arab Emirates is VAT. This was set into influence on January 1, 2018. This is of interest in the recent state that a company is registered for VAT in the UAE to be qualified to collect VAT from customers. Once the VAT registration is done, TRN registration in Dubai will be granted by the registrant. All companies in the country ought to hold a TRN number is an unsaid rule. Let’s know a complete guide about TRN registration in Dubai, UAE.

What is TRN in Dubai, UAE?

The TRN number is a crucial number for individuals who are enrolled by the Federal Tax Authority in the country for VAT. This is a 15 digits number from which corporations can be distinguished by the FTA. The name of the corporation to whom the number is provided in the registrant. Hence, in tax invoices, tax credits, VAT returns, and more, any corporation must constantly note this number.

Once the VAT registration application is approved, the number provided is automatically provided to you. Migrants or corporations with a certificate of TRN registration UAE are also entitled to collect their customer’s VAT. TRN utilizes the government to track all the buys formed by individuals or corporations.

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What is the significance and purpose of TRN Dubai, UAE?

The TRN registration in Dubai is a different number that is granted to companies as they apply for VAT registration in the UAE. This features high contact between the consumer and products and service providers when planning certain paperwork related to taxes. For a company looking to get back, the taxes collected on the products’ procurement manufactured by the corporation when going ahead with the final merchandise, holding a TRN number is effective.

  • A TRN number comes into effect to be capable to interact between customers and sellers when completing invoices or other papers related to documentation.
  • As a customer, in case you’re searching to swear back the tax spent on the buying of commodities and services, TRNs are also useful.
  • This is even effective in case you will like to repay any taxes spent on water and electricity bills spend on a commercial property.
  • This gives a sense of legality and authority to your company.
  • Once you are registered with VAT, your company can get many tax advantages along with claim many others.

What are the advantages of registering for TRN in Dubai, UAE?

Besides adherence, there are several advantages of holding a TRN registration in Dubai, like –

One of the very crucial advantages of holding a TRN is that it produces confidence amongst the investors and stakeholders of the corporation.

As per the cabinet decision no. 40 of 2017 on the administrative fines of tax rules in the country, each business has to register for VAT and get a TRN registration UAE to sidestep any fines.

The procedure of communication and transaction between the buyer and the seller is more simplified by utilizing a TRN number.

Any registered company would be qualified for a refund only after VAT registration and claiming a legal TRN number.

How to get TRN in Dubai, UAE

Obtaining a TRN registration in UAE is as easy as logging into the FTA portal. Below are the steps to get TRN –

You need to visit the online portal FTA.

Now, you have to make an account on the FTA online portal.

After making an account and verifying the email address given, log in with the information.

Once done, click on the option – register for VAT.

Now, fill out all the essential information according to the eight moves in the online form of VAT registration.

Re-check your information and then submit it for approval where it will be delivered for FTA permission.

Finally, you will watch the processing of your VAT application and once sanctioned will be capable to see your TRN number.

What are the documents required for TRN in Dubai, UAE?

Many records require to be re-checked and presented to the FTA to file for VAT and TRN registration in Dubai. The registration procedure is an online procedure, and no personal appearance or other physical display of a document is necessary. Other necessary documents are –

Registered email ID.

Copy of business license, MOA, AOA, share certificates, and more.

Passport copy and Emirates ID of the stakeholder or owner.

Copy of power of attorney, Emirates ID, and passport of the manager along with phone number.

Turnover declaration letter.

Supporting documents for the earnings.

Information of bank account comprising IBAN number.

Company’s registered address.

Customs information would be necessary in case the corporation deals in such type of business.

How much does VAT registration cost in Dubai?

VAT registration in Dubai isn’t mandated for all companies. You have to register for VAT in the country in case your taxable supplies and imports are more than AED 375, 000. This also potential to register to spend VAT voluntarily in case your taxable supplies and imports are more than AED 187,500.

The cost of the VAT registration process is around AED 500 to get a certificate of VAT in the country FTA. The VAT consultants will help you in getting a VAT certificate easily and legally.

Is TRN (Tax Registration Number) mandatory in Dubai, UAE?

TRN registration UAE is the identification number provided to each individual registered under the VAT in the UAE. This is mandatory that just individuals holding a legal TRN must collect VAT on supplies. In such terms, this is effective for registered companies to make sure that they get supplies from an authorized individual, so that they can recover the input tax on the supply fearlessly.

How to know whether my TRN is valid or not?

• Log in to the online portal FTA.

• Click on the TRN verification tab at the top of the screen.

• Fill out the TRN section.

• Click on validate.

If your TRN is valid, you are able to see the message – “TRN is available in the system”.

How Task Master will help to get TRN (Tax Registration Number) Dubai, UAE

Several questions about the tax framework also extended as a result of the execution of VAT. This is also alluring for companies not just to approach VAT but even to act with professionals to control any possible issues. As the registration and verification procedures of VAT and TRN registration in Dubai have changed, this is most suitable to connect with professionals for a seamless journey.

In case you are wondering about getting a TRN number, then Taskmaster experts are here to help you. The consultants give you a range of resources, moreover to assist you with VAT application, like audit, assurance, tax services, and more.

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