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VAT is the new addition to the tax in the United Arab Emirates. Nowadays, it is most important that the company has to be registered for VAT in the UAE so that it can collect VAT from clients. After the completion of the company registration process, it is a law that all companies should have TRN registration in UAE. If you are unable to get the TRN number then you can contact us at Taskmaster. We will surely help you throughout the process.

TRN Registration in Dubai, UAE

TRN Registration Dubai, UAE | Tax Registration Number

A tax registration number is a specific number issued to an institution that has been VAT registered in the UAE by the FTA (Federal Tax Authority). This is a number of 15 digits through which the FTA would be able to distinguish you from others. An entity to which the tax number is issued is known as a registrant that should always refer to this number in different documents like VAT returns, tax credit notes, tax invoices, etc.

This number would be issued to you automatically, after your registration for VAT. It is necessary for you to mention the tax registration number because it would allow the government to supervise all the transactions that have been done by the business or person. Only those merchants or companies who have obtained their certificates of TRN registration in Dubai are allowed to collect VAT from customers.

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Process of TRN Registration Dubai, UAE

The process of registration is the same for VAT and TRN registration UAE. Individuals that are qualified for VAT registration can enlist the help of skilled tax agents to complete the process. The following steps are required to receive TRN in the United Arab Emirates.

  • You need to enter the e-service through the online portal of the federal tax authority and register.
  • After the completion process of VAT registration, you require to click on a button and get all the information about VAT in the UAE.
  • The VAT registration has eight sections and you must fill the sections with the details that are required.
  • The final stage is to submit the all details for getting approval after the approval, you will be registered for VAT and the Tax Registration Number with a certificate will be sent.

TRN Registration In Dubai, UAE – Video

Importance of TRN Registration In Dubai, UAE

  • The TRN gives registrant the a unique identity.
  • With TRN registration UAE, on the tax invoice of the registrant, the client would happily pay the amount of VAT.
  • To communicate with the FTA, the registrant needed to quote the TRN.
  • Businesses should mention TRN in VAT-related documents like tax invoices, and tax credit notes.

Benefits of TRN Registration

Besides adherence, there are different advantages of having a TRN number –

One of the very important advantages of having a TRN is that it produces confidence amongst the stakeholders and investors of the company.

As per the cabinet decision on the administrative fines of tax rules in the country, each business should register for VAT and get a TRN number to sidestep any fines.

The procedure of transactions and communication between the buyer and seller is more simplified using a Tax registration number.

Any authorized business will be qualified for a refund just after registering for VAT and claiming a legal TRN number.

Why Should your Verify the TRN Number

This is true that certain companies have benefit-increasing purposes and payment of tax is seen as a liability. Although, making payment of VAT and verifying your tax identification number can be advantageous for the business.

Obviously, each business has ups and downs and eventually, almost every business requires searching for certain sources of finance. In case, the registered VAT businesses experience a benefit as financial units or also clients can insist on a TRN number prior to initiating a rapport with companies.

And it isn’t it. Obviously, to aid the business development, you require more customers. Well, the UAE tax identification number will aid your venture to look big which could appeal to more clients and eventually advantage the company. Maximum customers would be willing to deal with companies that hold a TRN number because it eliminates suspicions and aids the business to look more professional.

Documents Required for TRN Registration Dubai, UAE

Below is the list of required documents that are important during the process of registration:

  • Registered email ID
  • In case the company is applying, copies of valid documents like trade licenses, certificates of shares, etc.
  • Copy of passport and owner’s Emirates ID
  • Photocopy of power of attorney, manager’s passport, and ID
  • Details of bank account
  • Company’s registered address
  • Custom registration

These are all the necessary documents that you need to prepare for TRN registration in Dubai, UAE. we at Taskmaster can also help you in the process of paperwork.

How We Can Help You

Taskmaster has a qualified team who have years of experience. We will provide you with a comprehensive range of services that you deserve and help you with TRN registration in the UAE. Our clients come first for us, first, we build the trust of our clients because trust matters a lot.

This not easy to deal with VAT and TRN numbers and there is nothing wrong with asking for help. We at Taskmaster can make this process easy for you so that you can focus on generating more revenue for your company. We know actually what you require and when you require it. If you feel that you require our service, then contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions on TRN Registration Dubai, UAE

How do I register for TRN?

There is a little process that you have to follow that required some personal information. There have several sections to complete the process. That’s why the better way is to connect with the Taskmaster commercial brokers to know properly.

Are TRN and VAT the same?

No, generally, the TRN is also recognized as the Tax Identification Number, VAT Number, VAT ID, or VAT registration number. The format and name are based on the nation.

How do I check my TRN?

The Federal Tax Authority portal can work TRN verification for all registered businesses and for a layman in the UAE. The user is only required to follow these simple moves for TRN verification in Dubai. Taskmaster professionals will guide you through the procedure.

What is the company TRN number?

The TRN is a 15-digit number that is attained after the registration of VAT of a corporation which assists in differentiating it from other corporations.

Who needs a TRN in UAE?

The TRN is a crucial number that is compulsorily needed for several tax-related situations comprising while filing tax returns, and also while claiming back the tax paid on the purchase of goods.

Can I apply for TRN online?

In order to apply for TRN, you would be needed to complete an application utilizing the form. application for taxpayers’ registration. It can be done in the office or online.

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