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First Time Property Buyers

Dubai has become a popular destination for investors and expansions. A change in the law in recent years has opened up the property market of Dubai for foreigners. Buying a property now is relatively simple, and gives you the finances. If you are a Property Buyers or looking to buy a property in Dubai then the best real estate consultant service in Dubai will help you negotiate the rules or regulations of Dubai.

We provide our clients with the best and most authoritative details so that their client makes the right decision. We offer you a template that you need to follow when you decide to buy a property in Dubai. They make your decision trouble-free. They explain to you the steps if you are a first-time buyer in Dubai.

Below are the things that you need to understand while buying property in Dubai:

first time property buyers

Buyers Should Get Their Finance In Place

It is important that you need to know that how much money you have to invest, before start looking to buy a property in Dubai. You need to avoid the headache of finding a property only to find that it is out of your budget. It is advisable to talk to a mortgage broker, they are professional in this field and they will tell you about all costs that are included in buying your property in Dubai. They will guide you about repayments monthly.

Deposit isn’t the only amount that you need to think about, there are many charges such as transfer charges, agency charges, sales progression charges, mortgage arrangement charges, and insurance of mortgage charges.

It is necessary to start a search in your finances. This would give you peace of mind while negotiating with vendors and talking to agents. You would know that what you can do, what you can achieve, and start looking for your dream property with proper positivity.

A List Of Necessary Property Features

You need to make a list regarding the features of the property. This requires the number of bedrooms you need, driving space to the workplace.

Once the imperative is mapped, you need to start thinking regarding what you want your property to be. This can be a pool, an additional bedroom or a big garden, a kitchen, and an attached dining area.

Be in the compromising mindset and agree on what you are ready to compromise on. During the process of viewing, need to have an open mind and do not rule on a property due to one factor, your agent can be able to make a solution.

Location Search

The location your home is in is very crucial, but making this decision can come down to the finances available to you. If it is important to have four bedrooms because of your family size, but the four bedrooms in your preferred place are out of your budget, then it can be to search for other options. Dubai has plenty of upcoming places, like Mira, Damac Hills, with affordable housing.

The best real estate consultant in Dubai always advises their customers to drive in different places to get an experience for a community. From community to places of major importance you may drive. 

Find The Right Agent

This is paramount that a new buyer in Dubai discover an agent they can trust, with a friendly rapport. The first time buying a property in Dubai is an achievement and you should make sure that you are investing in the property that is convenient for you. This is important that you need to feel that you have an honest conversation with your agent.

Understand Process

After find an agent, you need to understand the process of buying a property in Dubai. The professional real estate agent in Dubai will guide you through the whole process from start to end; like how to make a proposal, the process of negotiation, necessary paperwork, NOC, transfer appointments, and handover.

The best real estate consultant in Dubai has years of experience in this field. Their professional team provides deep knowledge of the Dubai property market. If you are a first-time property buyer in Dubai their expert team will instruct you properly according to your budget and requirements. 

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