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Trade Facilities in Dubai, Trade Finance And Trade Working Capital In Dubai

To facilitate international trade, financial institutions and products are used in what is called trade finance. To put it more simply, trade finance eliminates the risk of payment and supply throughout the process by introducing a third-party to initiate transactions. Major channel involved in trade finance are,


• Bank
• Trade Finance Company
• Seller (Exporter)
• Purchaser (Importer)
• Insurance Company

Taskmaster takes immense pleasure introducing ourselves as a global trade finance company in Dubai. We assist you to complete international transactions to achieve your business objective. We are backed by teams of financial experts, who specialize in creating trade finance structures, well versed in letter of credit and performance bonds etc. We take every maximum measure that ensures risk-free international trade. We shortlist the best bank, lender, or financial institution for you. Taskmaster is recognized for providing risk-free trade facilities in Dubai. Our dedicated financial expert team guides advice and helps to address the complexity involved, as well as optimize cash-flow needs.

Trade Facilities in Dubai | The Trade Finance Product We Can Help You

  • Letter of Credit: A letter of credit is a signed engagement declared by a bank guaranteeing the buyer’s payment towards the seller. It is also known as permanent LC at sight, LC Import LC, DLC MT700, LC MT700 . It ensures the agent that they will get the amount of assets when they submit the freighting papers because of international trade dealings and its risk factors comprising distance, various laws in each nation, and trust issues. The use of a Letter of Credit has become the important part of worldwide enterprise.
  • Standby Letter Credit: A Standby Letter of Credit is a written undertaking declared by a bank on behalf of their customers. Standby Letter Credit guarantees the bank’s commitment of payment to the seller in the buyer defaults. SBLC verifies the assets value and payment power of the buyer. Also, it facilitates a worldwide contract between firms that do not know each other and have various laws and regulations.
  • Bank Guarantee: Bank Guarantee is declared by a bank based on its clients upon their demand. If a customer needs to access into a new project or business deal, they need a guarantee to ensure their counterparties’ commitment. In this case, the customers contacts their bank to get BG MT760. The declared Bank Guarantee serves as a commitment to ensure that the counterparty will meet all economic duties as declared in the agreement in case of buyer’s fault.
  • Bank Comfort Letter: Bank Comfort Letter, a signed engagement by a bank to ensure the economic ability of their customer to approve the agreement. This is declared on account of the buyer and in support of the supplier to show the buyer’s economic ability to buy bulk assets/commodities. The Bank Comfort Letter assists in building the comfort level and support link among the customer and agent to start their trade.
  • Performance Bond: Performance Bond is also recognized as the Performance Guarantee or Surety Bond is a commercial medium declared by a bank on its customer’s account to ensure their performance. Moreover, this serves as a guarantee to ensure any request by the customer to the seller in event of any failure in the supply of assets as granted in the agreement. Performance Guarantees are also frequently employed in production projects. Here, the contractor offers this bond in support of the project partner to ensure their work on the project.

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