New Company Bank Account Opening

Dubai City is famous for business. Lots of investors seek to start their businesses in Dubai and there are various opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. Along with this when your new company setup process is complete, then you need to open a bank account for your new company. This can be a tedious task, but no need to worry, Taskmaster will help you with a new company bank account opening. They will help to make your bank account opening process easier.


According to the legal processes of the financial entities of the UAE, it is mandatory to open a bank account for your new company to be present in Dubai in person. And, the procedure would be considered illegal. Behind this, the reason is need is the document’s original signature and confirmation of the personal identity that allows the applicant to open a bank account in Dubai.

We at Taskmaster offers very client-friendly and hassle-free services to companies and investors in UAE when the applicant completes the appropriate needs of the bank.

During the accounting period, the banker may ask extra questions or supporting documents to start the process of opening a bank account in Dubai. So, it is crucial for the applicants to answer in detail. The taskmaster can advise you about the criteria of KYC (Know Your Customer), before the process of opening a bank account in Dubai, and they will help you make this process easy for you to register.

New Company Bank Account Opening

If you looking to your new company bank account opening. Then, we are here for you, we offer you the best service in UAE, and help you to make this process easy and hassle-free.

Dubai boasts a system of stellar banking known globally for their outstanding services of clients. We at Taskmaster will help you with a bank account to form your company in Dubai.

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Basic Documents required for opening your new company bank account

  • Copy of memorandum of Association / Article of Association
  • Trading License
  • Passport with shareholder’s entry page
  • Emirates ID of shareholders
  • Shareholder’s visa page
  • Share certificate
  • Many of existing clients
  • Utility bill of shareholders showing residential proof
  • Six months’ bank statement
  • Legal documents

These all documents required for your new company account opening. You need to prepare this all the necessary documents.

    Advantages of new company bank account opening

    • Secure and reliable banking services
    • Your account remains confidential
    • Your account would need less maintenance costs
    • Easy money withdrawal and deposit
    • Online banking services would be offered.

    Eligibility of new company bank account opening

    • You should have a valid passport with the UAE entry page.
    • Applicant’s personal profile – CV
    • Latest Utility bill
    • Required an Original reference letter of applicant from the company or personal bank account either in country or anywhere in the globe.
    • Latest six months bank statement
    • Information on the incoming funds source
    • Most of the banks in the UAE demand a minimum monthly average balance for opening a bank account in Dubai. The needs differ from bank to bank.

    How we can help you

    Taskmaster earned popularity in market of the UAE. Our skilled professionals understand the requirement of our clients, and they can recommend a bank that complete the requirement of your business in UAE. Your trust matters a lot for us, we make sure that our customers feel stress-free with our right solutions.

    We at Taskmaster also help in new company bank account opening and save precious time of our clients. We have assist traders and entrepreneurs to open a bank account for their company in UAE without any trouble. We have a team of specialists that can advise our clients the bank that completely meets your business requirements.

    Our experts also support company owners in managing their bank accounts. We delight our clients with a wide range of services about opening and maintaining bank accounts.

    Frequently Asked Questions on New Company Bank Account Opening

    What do I need to open a business account in the First bank?

    Confirmation of ID is needed to open a bank account. Get along a government-issued picture ID to corroborate your identity with your business’ registered information.

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