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The Unified In-country value (ICV) program by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is the best initiative. The program contributes to ICV with business stimulus, which encourages the local suppliers for more concentrate on obtaining ICV certificate UAE. We at Taskmaster offer services of ICV certification from the beginning.

The ICV program goals to encourage economic development in the Emirates and support the local businesses to carry the business with huge enterprises like ADNOC. The program also provides participating institutions in the UAE to localize their activities related to business and encourage economic growth.

Whenever the local suppliers submit bids for ADNOC, they have opportunities that they can get an edge. The process of bidding takes certification of ICV as a determining element in the procedure of selection. It means the bidders that have certification of ICV have a benefit that no one else has. If you are thinking that how can you get an ICV certificate Dubai, see the information on the certification procedure below.

ICV Certificate Dubai and UAE

ICV Improvement plan

The ICV reform scheme in the United Arab Emirates is a contractual commitment involving payment against the accomplishment of actual ICV received for the committed ICV according to the ICV reform plan. Two types of improvement scheme of ICV that are based on company, demanding for annum ICV certificate in UAE, that issued during the term of the agreement, and based on an agreement, validating the project auditor for extra needs from the suppliers, to engage in project expenditure audit for the purposes of verification. The ICV reform plan in the UAE is considered binding, which is implemented to arrive at the score of ICV and is quarterly monitoring to make sure that the business is on the right way.

ICV certifying Bodies

The ICV program in the United Arab Emirates has been the major practical tool to make sure the economic development in true spirit. The United Arab Emirates has Certifying bodies that selected by ADNOC to provide services related to ICV certificate in Dubai.

The main services provided by ICV certification bodies in the United Arab Emirates have reviewed the proposed supplier’s details, checking the process used by suppliers in determining the score of ICV, issue ICV certification, and renew the supplier’s ICV certifications. The ICV certifying bodies also endorse ADNOC or adopters of another ICV program and participate in meetings with other certifying bodies.

How Does Work an ICV certificate in UAE 

ADNOC providers are demanded to present how they are helping deliver ICV in the nation by announcing their certificates of ICV and their insured ICV score for the last financial year. The business partnership with the ADNOC involves an ICV evaluation as a component of the sympathetic evaluation and proceed. The suppliers have to approach the confirmation entity designated ADNOC for ICV confirmation with the necessary documents as well as interest points. These documents need to be given by the supplier revealing the impulse for the certification.

The certification of ICV scores have to be finalized on the basis of the annual term by an ADNOC approved ICV certifying authorities in the UAE and submitted to ADNOC for every proposal by the provider. The computing of ICV score comprises assessing the economic profits added within the UAE to the services given by the organization.

Guidelines For Obtaining an ICV Certificate UAE

  • The first point is that the ICV certification can only be certified by Empaneled ICV certifying bodies in the United Arab Emirates.
  • When you as a supplier are applying to certification, you will need a separate ICV certificate for each business license that they hold. Each business license would be recognized as a separate legal institution. In case a business operates many branches in one license, a single, joint certificate would be issued to that company.
  • The templates of ICV certificate in UAE should be ready by the applicant.
  • The data recorded in the template should all be taken from the latest IFRS compliance audited financial statement of a company. These kinds of financial statements shouldn’t be more than two years old. The companies that are newly established that don’t have an audit of financial statements can instead take data from their management accounts. Keep in mind that management accounts shouldn’t be nine months old. In case they are, before they are used, they would require to be audited by an audit firm that approved.
  • After receipt of the certificate, this will valid for fourteen months. The companies can apply again for certification before the term-end. They can use again the financial statements that they were used. How to be, the validity of the certificate obtained before obtaining an updated certificate would not be ignored.
  • The submission presented by a company will carry all the company’s costs and revenues during the financial year.

How we can help you

Taskmaster understands more regarding ADNOC, Aldar, Economic Department, Abu Dhabi ports ICV certification and factors that impacting ICV score to our customers.

At Taskmaster we help our customers to improve the score of ICV and involve the incremental impact of every step in our effect analysis report. It mainly involves the restructuring recommendation in organizational procedures to enhance the ICV score.

We help you in arranges the ICV certificate in Dubai and UAE for our customers. This procedure becomes much easier when our professionals start work with you throughout the process of certification.

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