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Best Mortgage Loan In Dubai

Mortgage Loan In Dubai

The mortgage market in Dubai is now well-established, with local and foreign lenders providing mortgage loans in Dubai. The Taskmaster loan brokers provide you with a set of qualified, experienced mortgage guidance that assists you to save you half of your efforts. Being one of the best loan brokers in Dubai, we take pride in getting in touch with the best lenders, certain of which you may not be aware of. We also assist you to avoid difficult payment terms from many lenders hidden in their mortgage agreements.

Taskmaster loan brokers give the best and most suitable mortgage loan help in Dubai. Our professionals are experienced and they bridge the gap between the businessman and the potential financier. Being a professional firm, we have created rapport with a huge network of financiers and bankers. Our professionals are also aware of new loan promotions and products. They have up-to-date and useful information regarding the mortgage loan programs and as of this network and exposure, we can give clients the best Home Loan in Dubai and advice on the right course of action. We are here to help business people to provide the best possible assistance in getting a mortgage loan in Dubai.

What Is A Mortgage Loan in Dubai?

A mortgage is referred to as a Mortgage loan in many parts of the world including Dubai. A mortgage makes your dream come true of buying a property without having all the cash upfront. To put it simply, it is a kind of loan from a bank or financial institution that people (borrowers) use to purchase a dream house. For the security of the loan, the bank or financial company uses the home itself as collateral. 

Eligibility Criteria for Applying for a Mortgage Loan in Dubai

  • For certain banks, you have to be a country resident which is in the list of banks before applying for this kind of loan.
  • You must also be self-employed or salaried.
  • You would require a minimum monthly income as the bank defined. This income has completed the minimum criteria after the deduction of a tax.

Documents required for a Mortgage Loan in Dubai

  • Identity proof as a valid passport
  • For the past six months, statements of the bank may require similar companies and an individual.
  • If you making payments of tax, then you also have to give these returns
  • If you have a credit rating system in a place of residence, a credit report will be necessary.
  • Salary certificate and payment slips.
  • For self-employed persons, certificate of incorporation, business license, audited statement, and business profiles.

These are all the necessary documents that you need to prepare. We at Taskmaster will help you to complete the process of documentation for a mortgage loan in Dubai.

For more details, you can consult with a taskmaster commercial broker LLC consultant they will help you to obtain a home loan in Dubai. They provide you with the best services possible and process your work according to your needs and your budget.

How Taskmaster Helps Customers To Get The Best property mortgage in Dubai?

Taskmaster Commercial LLC is a finance advisor (mortgage broker) company based in Dubai that helps you to find the best property mortgage in Dubai at the cheapest interest rate with less paperwork. Mortgage is not easy to obtain in Dubai on your own that the Taskmaster understands very well. We minimize the complexity involved in it.

  • Our financial expert gives you the best mortgage loan after knowing the prospective buyer’s needs and goal in detail.
  • We compare top lenders mortgage processing fee, interest rate, terms and condition 
  • Negotiation on processing fee and interest rate on your part
  • Preparation of required document along with application form
  • Arrangement of local advocate and concerned person
  • Submission of document
  • Take all measures to secure your mortgage
  • Regular in touch with lender until loan is not approved

Why Taskmaster Gulf Is A Trusted Finance Company For Getting Property Mortgage loans in Dubai

  • You will come to know whether you are eligible to get a mortgage loan in Dubai or not free of cost.
  • We put forward the different types of mortgages of different lenders to you as it is.
  • We guide you through the entire process
  • Competitive consultation fee
  • Let you be aware of different types of interests that are suitable for you for the long run.
  • We are experienced in finance and loan
  • After-Sales services as long you continue loan

A mortgage is considered to be best from TaskMaster’s point of view if it follows certain points like,

  • LTV is high (Loan to Value ratio)
  • ERC (early repayment charges) option at the lowest service cost
  • Re-mortgage facilities (flexibility to choose another bank)
  • Fixed-rate mortgage

Contact TaskMaster Commercial LLC for pre-approved mortgage loans in Dubai free of cost today and plan your future.

Top Lenders of Dubai to choose from

  • Standard Chartered 
  • FADB
  • ABCD
  • ADIB
  • CBD
  • Mashreq
  • CBI
  • Union National Bank
  • National Bank of Fujairah
  • Rank Bank

#1:- Minimum Salary requirement to get a mortgage loan in Dubai

AED 10000*

#2:- Interest rate 

2.75%* starting rate

#2:- Finance Amount

Up to 75%*

Everything you need to know about Mortgage loans:-

  • Can I get a mortgage in Dubai?

Yes, someone can obtain a mortgage loan in Dubai. Expatriates should understand that they may receive a mortgage only for freehold properties, while the UAE citizens can obtain a mortgage loan for any kind of property.

  • How does a mortgage work in Dubai?

The property mortgage in Dubai complies with a pretty smooth procedure. Once can obtain loan sanctioned in around two weeks, pays the down payment, and the make the payment of remain amount in EMI way.

  • How much deposit is required to buy a house in Dubai?

The residents of the UAE will require to make the payment of around 15% of the overseas property amount while the expatriates need to pay is around 20%.

  • How can I buy a home in Dubai if I am a foreigner?

You just need to decide on an appropriate property in Dubai and contact the real estate agent. Another best choice is obtaining the best mortgage loan in Dubai to purchase a home easily, all you need to communicate with the loan brokers.

  • Where can I find mortgage in Dubai as a non-resident?

Nearly, every bank and private lenders give mortgage loan in Dubai to non-residents. You are just required to compare the packages that they offer and compute the options.

  • How long does it take to secure a mortgage in the UAE?

Usually, the whole procedure of property mortgage in Dubai takes around ten working days or two weeks prior to you receiving the offer letter for a mortgage. It involves the time it takes to set up prior approval on your application.

  • How much loan I can get in UAE?

As per the Central Bank of the UAE laws, banks can’t provide a loan more than 20 times a person’s monthly salary. So, if you make around 10,000 in a month, the maximum loan you will be eligible for is AED 200,000.

To know more on the mortgage loan sanction process read our latest article “How to get mortgage loans in Dubai”. Our most sought financial service Trade Facilities Dubai Know here

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