Gold, Diamond And Jewellry Company Bank Account Opening

As we know Dubai is a leading business hub globally. Lots of foreign investors are interested in Start a business in Dubai, but it is also required to open a bank account for their company in Dubai. If you are looking for a gold diamond and jewellry company bank account opening, then we at Taskmaster will help you in this process with the complete range of services.

gold diamond and jewellry company bank account opening

Services Offered By Banks In Dubai

Dubai is an international city and all major banks from around the world have branches, this demands due diligence while selecting a bank for a corporate account for your jewelry company in Dubai. Bank offer Almost all the services to its clients both corporate and individuals are same, although sometimes the fees for the service that offered may vary. To opening a bank account for your company, you must keep in mind the facilities that are provided by the bank so that you can receive advantages in the future. If you are an owner of a jewelry company then the bank will save all the transactions of your company.

Bank in Dubai offers you a cheque book it is useful for your jewelry company transactions. Opening a bank account in Dubai is also offers an opportunity to receive a debit card or credit card. This is a convenient and classic instrument for any kind of financial transaction and it is also safe. The holder of a debit card will make any kind of payment by ATM, and also, they can withdraw their cash from ATM machines. There are some conditions to use the debit card that directly based on the types of debit cards and the banks in Dubai.

Many people are interested in the online banking system in Dubai. online banking is a unique system to manage different kinds of activities from any corner of the world. The Dubai bank also offers this online banking system, it is very attractive for the companies that are transferring their funds from an account to another account in the world. You can also take pleasure with these online banking facilities in Dubai, and it is also the protective system to carry your business transactions.

Documents Required for Gold Diamond And Jewellry Company Bank Account Opening

Every type of bank account (individual/corporate) has a different kind of requirement and it has also perked and privileges. Generally, you must have been legally present in the UAE to god jewelry and diamond company bank account opening, and sign a separate form of the bank account opening. The bank can ask to see the original passport and also, they require a copy.

  • Memorandum of Association/Articles
  • Details of Shareholder and directors
  • Six months bank statement
  • Copy of passport
  • Incorporation certificate
  • NOC of the company/good standing letter
  • Contracts of existing company
  • Letter of reference

Banks need information from corporates based on the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. Depending on this policy, the bank can ask you to give information about the activities and the sources of funds.

Eligibility Criteria for Gold Diamond And Jewellry Company Bank Account Opening

  • You should have a valid passport with the UAE entry page.
  • Applicant’s personal profile – CV
  • Latest Utility bill
  • Required an Original reference letter of an applicant from the company or personal bank account either in the country or anywhere in the globe.
  • Latest six months bank statement
  • Information on the incoming funds’ source
  • Most of the banks in the UAE demand a minimum monthly average balance for opening a bank account in Dubai. The needs differ from bank to bank.

Advantages of Gold Diamond and Jewellry Company Bank Account Opening

Here are a few advantages that you can get while you open a bank account for your gold jewelry and diamond company in Dubai:

  • You will receive a safe and reliable banking service
  • Your account would be confidential
  • Your account would be demand low maintenance cost
  • You would be able to take benefit of online banking services
  • You would be able to withdraw and deposit amount easily

For gold diamond and jewellry company bank account opening, you would require to follow a process to verify your identity. You would also have to submit some papers to the bank authorities. We at Taskmaster help you in all this process and make sure that you receive the best services from the bank in Dubai.

How we can help you

We at Taskmaster commercial broker LLC, will help you to open a bank account for your jewelry, diamond or gold company in Dubai. Our qualified team will capable to guide you through the whole process from filing an application form to fixing appointments with the bank. We provide you the best services in Dubai. If you are looking for gold diamond and jewellry company bank account opening, the, we here for you to provide you the best service that will surely delight you.

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