Top 12 Reasons to Try Travel Nursing Right Now

When you’re looking for a career change, you want to make sure you’re making the right decision. For some people, that means taking their time and doing research about travel nurse staffing. But if you’re like our past recruits, you’ll be wanting to know right now whether or not it’s going to work out—and if so, how quickly you can get started.

So here are 12 reasons why travel nursing is the best option for you right now:

It pays well—and not just by nursing standards!

You’ll get to experience different parts of the world, from New York to California to Hawaii.

You can travel with your partner or family—and take them along!

The work is flexible: you can choose the shifts that work for you and your family’s needs.

Travel nursing lets you explore new career options without committing to a full-time job elsewhere (you could be a nurse one day and a teacher the next).

You’ll be able to network with other professionals in your field as well as see what it’s like working in different settings every day (and figure out which ones might be right for you!).

Traveling means being able to see the world through a new lens—and who doesn’t want that?

Traveling allows you time away from home without having to worry about finding somewhere else for your kids while you’re gone; most companies offer child care services at their locations so there’s no need for babysitters!

You’ll have the opportunity to use your skills in a variety of healthcare environments, from hospitals and clinics to private practices and urgent care centers.

Travel Nursing provides excellent pay and benefits—and even better opportunities for advancement!

It’s an amazing way to grow as a nurse! You’ll gain valuable experience in different settings that will help you become an expert in your field.

It’s fun! (Who doesn’t love traveling?)


There is no doubt that a career in travel nursing can be exciting, challenging and usually very fulfilling. Still, many travelers struggle to make the leap from a staff position to travel nursing. They are afraid of leaving their existing niche, friends and family behind. We hope this article inspires those who have yet to take the plunge into this highly rewarding career. The benefits of becoming a traveler can be numerous and well worth the trade offs.

Milli Beamer

Author bio-  Milli Beamer has been helping employers find qualified employees using staffing agencies. She now wants to share her knowledge with others.

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