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No Objection Certificate from Sponsor to work in UAE

Nowadays business and different kinds of job-related opportunities have been taken to completely new horizons. You can be doing a job in your country in a profitable manner or get a good job in UAE as well. But getting a visa in the UAE is not that easy. If you looking to work here then you require to get a no-objection certificate from the sponsor to work in UAE. Many people are confused by this factor because most of them find it difficult to understand NOC and its requirements. So, here we mentioned a little guide regarding NOC that will surely help you.

What is a No Objection Certificate 

A No Objection Certificate is a lawful document for a visa that is sent by a company, agency to an employee saying that they have agreed to the visa applicant to expire the days for which the applicant applied for a visa. Moreover, the letter states that the applicant of a visa has contractual responsibilities to return to their resident country and job there. This should be taken with you while traveling to the UAE or another country, a no-objection certificate is required to make sure that the applicant’s stay is not objected to by the authorities in the United Arab Emirates or another country.

A no-objection certificate stating that an individual is entitled to stay in the UAE you are traveling with your visa till its expiration. You are not allowed to stay on that any longer after your visa expiration.

Why Do You Need a No Objection Certificate 

It is a voluntary requirement in certain countries, but mandatory in others. In case this is required and you don’t give it, your application would be rejected. NOC is typically needed by nations that have made this compulsory to make sure that as an applicant you have responsibilities in your resident nation, to which you will have to return. Another reason why a valid no objection certificate is required is that the visa authorities want to make sure that the reason for your application is reliable.

An employee who wants to visit UAE for work or any other purpose should get a no-objection certificate from its employer prior to returning and leaving to its country. For the employee that applied for the visa, this certificate is usually written by the business’ HR department or the employer. An employee can also request a no-objection certificate from their manager or Boss. The employee must have a clear thought regarding the tenure of its stay in the UAE and it requires to be able to manage its workload and time properly so that it can work there and go back without any kind of trouble.

What is the Format of a No Objection Certificate 

The format of a NOC is very straightforward. This certificate doesn’t require to be lengthy or complicated, but it must clearly declare that the business doesn’t mind their employee getting a visa and that they rely on you to return to work obligations. At a minimum, the no-objection certificate should involve the date mentioned, the address of the embassy or visa application center to which you are applying, your complete details like name, contact information, and address of the person writing a letter on the business behalf. One paragraph in the certificate should mention that the organization has no objections to your visit for the tenure of the stipulated journey.

What are the Major Contents of a No Objection Certificate

The major contents needed to draft a good No Objection Certificate are mentioned below for a better acknowledgment.

  • First of all, the date must be specified at the starting of the no objection certificate.
  • The no objection certificate must be on official letterhead. The reason is that because it shows that it sustains the authenticity of the no objection certificate.
  • The applicant’s name requires to be specified. This needs to be properly written in the no objection certificate, as written in the other verifying uniqueness of your as an applicant.
  • The no objection certificate should indicate the classification of you that you hold in the company or organization before applying for the visa.
  • The applicant will also have to fill in the salary that is paid in the company or an organization before applying for the visa.
  • The joining date should also be specified on which you want to begin your operations or job in the company located abroad for which the visa is applied.
  • The very crucial factor of a no objection certificate is to mention a legitimate purpose for the purchase of a visa for the UAE. While you introducing this section you should be specific as to why you require a visa.
  • The contact information of the HR department must be specified in the no objection certificate.

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