How to Open an Account with Dubai Islamic Bank

Dubai Islamic Bank gives a wide array of value-driven banking features in the UAE, all in adherence to the Shariah guidelines. Amongst the different products given by Dubai Islamic Bank, a bank account is one of the finest products. Dubai Islamic Bank gives different kinds of bank accounts to complete the different banking requirements of its customers. So, if you are looking for a bank account opening in Dubai, then there is a good opportunity for you to open a bank account with several benefits.

The Process to Open an Account with Dubai Islamic Bank

Customers are able to open the best bank account in UAE by visiting the Dubai Islamic Bank branch and presenting an online application.

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Online Applications – The simplest way to a bank account opening with Dubai Islamic Bank is through an online portal. The applicant is just needed to visit the bank’s official website and apply for the chosen bank account with a simple click. Once you have done, fill in the necessary information in the application form and present it to the bank.

Branch Visit – Applicants can even visit one of the several branches of Dubai Islamic Bank to open a bank account.

Phone Banking – Applicants can even contact the bank representative by phone to open a bank account in Dubai Islamic Bank.

Eligibility Criteria to Open a Bank Account in Dubai Islamic Bank

So, when you decide on which kind of bank account is good for you and how to create the finest service for that account to handle your finances, you have to comprehend the common eligibility criteria to open a bank account in UAE.

For a savings account, the customer should be at least 18 years old.

For the deposit account, the customer should be at least 21 years old.

When you choose a deposit account, you must already hold a current or savings account in Dubai Islamic Bank.

What Should You Know Before a Bank Account Opening in Dubai Islamic Bank?

In case you have never opened a bank account in Dubai, or it is your first time opening a new account, you can have several questions in your mind such as which account you need to open. What can be advantageous for you. and more. Yes, this is better to know the common things to understand before opening a bank account such as the kind of bank account, required documents, eligibility, pre-deposit amount, the minimum amount to keep in the account, and more.

If you are considering all the above-mentioned things, then consult with Taskmaster professionals who will help you in opening a bank account in Dubai Islamic Bank without any hassle.

Why Should We Have a Bank Account in UAE

In the UAE, everybody’s major priority is to handle their finances. Particularly for migrants, it is necessary to save and handle their finances. Holding a bank account in UAE constantly helps us to handle funds as per your requirements and in the appropriate manner. A bank account in this country gives a door to possibilities and deals and supports domestically and internationally the trading or services required for people or private sectors.

Benefits and Features of Dubai Islamic Bank Accounts

Appealing profit rates – The account holder can get amazing and competitive profit rates.

Multiple currencies – Bank accounts in Dubai Islamic Banks are obtainable in multiple currencies.

Mobile & online banking – The bank gives the facility of online banking and mobile banking to ease the banking experience of its customer.

Bill payment facilities – The customer can enjoy the free bill payment feature through many bank accounts of Dubai Islamic Bank. The choices for bill payments are FEWA, DEWA, SEWA, Du, Salik, and Etisalat.

Account statements – The customer can account statements free of cost.

Different Types of Bank Accounts in Dubai Islamic Bank

Current Accounts

Current accounts in Dubai Islamic Bank are created for the comfort of its customer, giving them easy reach to their finances regardless of where they are. Dubai Islamic Bank gives three current accounts. Each of the current accounts has its different features that create them distinct from each other. Moreover, they give so many free services like – cheque book, monthly teller transactions, bill payments, and more.

Savings Accounts

Dubai Islamic Bank gives five kinds of Shariah Complaint saving accounts. All of these bank accounts come with amazing features and advantages that permit its customer to save highly.

Business Accounts

Dubai Islamic Bank gives a 3 accounts package to stay forward in the current dynamic business climate. Each of these accounts given by Dubai Islamic Bank online is loaded with amazing benefits and facilities to give its customer the comfort of handling their regular fund with the utmost ease.

2-in-1 Accounts

Dubai Islamic Bank gives a 2-in-1 account that gives the customer merged advantages of savings along with a current account. This bank account in UAE gives outstanding banking services assuring its customer to give access any time and from elsewhere across the world.

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