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All You Need To Know About Business Setup In Dubai And UAE

Dubai is a highly preferred location where you can start your own business. Business opportunities and facilities make it an ideal region to open a business. Everyone wants to work in this amazing city. Dubai gives business people easy-going business operating conditions, asset protection, and huge tax exemptions. If you are looking to start a business in Dubai then all you need to know about business setup in Dubai. Here we present you those vital things that will help you throughout the process of establishing a business in Dubai.

Business setup in Dubai

The owners of the business have the option to set up a business in Dubai mainland or free zone. The important difference between the two is the ownership rules.

To start a company in Dubai mainland areas, foreign citizens are required to have a UAE citizen to work as a sponsor, who owns a 51% share of the business. This rule has changed since the introduction of the 100% foreign ownership law in 2018. Now, foreign citizens can consider a new business establish in Dubai without UAE citizens acting as a sponsor.

If you are a foreign national and want to start a business in a free zone in Dubai, then you will have 100% ownership of the business, although, these companies can do only trade and business with companies outside the UAE.

Starting a business in Dubai is simple with the help of the best business setup consultants in Dubai. We at Start Any Business will help you in making your dream come true offer you the best professional advice about establishing your business in Dubai.

With the guidance of expert business setup consultants, you do not require to worry about the management of your business.

Process of Business Setup in Dubai

Here is the primer on what you need to know about business setup in Dubai

1. Select a Free Zone: You need to consider the location of your chosen free zone. Dubai free zone has a unique set of rules and business owners must ensure that the company’s position matches the legal requirements of the particular zone they are targeting. There are many options available. For example, in Dubai airport free zone, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai Internet City, and Dubai Media City, in this area you can take pleasure for your free zone office in Dubai.

2. Choose a Location that optimizes suitability, convenience, and costs: Another crucial step in planning to set up a business in Dubai is determining the most appropriate location for the business. If you are a client or a customer who cannot reach you, it will not be very good for you to establish a profit-based venture in the city despite the increasing economy.

You require to establish your business in a region that is the most beneficial for your business or convenient as well. A location in the right city may be selected for an office or a shop is known for the type of service or product you are dealing with.

3. Look for a Local Sponsor: To start a business in Dubai mainland, it is a mandate to partner with a UAE citizen. The challenge is to find a trustworthy and reliable UAE business partner. It is said that the UAE local partner will hold 51% of the partnership. in terms of a free zone, a company would require a local service agent, who will work for a nominal fee. It is best to get into an agreement with a silent partner – this will assure security and complete control of your business.

4. Confirm your visa eligibility and requirements: To start a company in Dubai, a visa allowing you and your employees to stay in the United Arab Emirates is required to run your business. Visas are almost permitted for all businesses.

However, their number varies as per the different criteria like office size, nature of the business, category of the investors, or the employee. If your company startup in Dubai is a local company then you definitely required to work with your sponsor to receive visas – at least for the first time.

Why choose us

Start Any Business (SAB), is one of the leading consultancies in the market of Dubai. We have a team of professionals who provides expert guidance to their clients with start-up company in Dubai, UAE. Their specialists help to develop strategies for growth and manage projects of your company. Our consultants bring experience from various industries and companies, which permits them to offer the best solutions.

You can receive an objective perspective with the help of Start Any Business consultants, which permits more diverse views than are completely offered by employees within organizations. Our services help you in obtaining a business license and offer you visa services. Our business consulting services help you to set up a Business in Dubai with low investment and profit pursuits.

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