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Best Investment Banks in Dubai

Dubai is one of the speediest growing and most financially exciting cities across the world. With so many financial avenues opening up every day, it is no wonder that Dubai has a very profile investment banking sector. If an organization wants funds or sells bonds or stocks, then the best investment banks in Dubai find them, certain probable investors, to invest in the organization. Here we mention some best banks and a little guide about them that will help you.

What is an Investment Bank

An investment bank acts as a financial intermediary that performs and provides various services for its clients. Most of the world’s investment banks specialize in sizable, complex transactions like facilitating mergers, working as an intermediary between the investing public and securities issuers, offering financial suggestions as well as brokerage services for institutional clients.

Certain are very popular and respected names in the sector of investment banking. Many investment banks specialize in some specific areas, certain even having retail operations arms to serve individual clients.

How Do the Best Investment Banks in Dubai Work?

There are mainly two key departments in the best investment banks in Dubai. A trading division that generates losses and profits that depend on market performance, and an advisory division that collects a nominal fee for delivering its services to the clients. People working in investment banks can have attractive careers as salespeople, financial advisors, and traders. Working in the investment banking sector offers an attractive income amount. Investment bankers are certain richest people on the planet.

Investment banks usually act as financial intermediaries. This means that they help corporations issue new shares of stock and initial publish offerings. Investment banks also help corporations find investors for their bonds and obtain certain debt financing. In any financial transaction including an investment bank, the role of an investment bank starts as a pre-underwriting procedure and continues in an advisory manner well after the securities are distributed. An investment bank also diligently checks the financial statements of a company for accuracy and publishes a prospectus. That prospectus acts as a tool to explain offerings to investors before securities go on sale.

List of the Best Investment Banks in Dubai

1. Emirates Investment Bank

Emirates Investment bank is a private bank that offers customized solutions to its clients. They work with the companies to successfully achieve their business objectives. The Emirates Investment Bank has successfully forayed into the sectors of beverage and food, healthcare, oil and gas, education, retail, etc. They have more than 40 years of experience in the investment banking sector.

2. Noor Capital

Noor Capital is an entity approved by the UAE central bank to conduct investment and advisory services in the financial field. This is registered with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development and is providing specialized financial services to its customers.

Noor Capital has an amazing investment team with years of experience. They provide their investors with the best investment options. The investor can find opportunities to invest in products owned by Noor Capital that provide a great return to the investments. ss

3. HSBC Financial Services

Apart from traditional banking services. HSBC also offers investment banking facilities. They offer various investment opportunities with the aim of expanding the investor’s wealth. Working on the investor side, they provide and research analysis on the investment firm and ensure that the investor does not experience risk.

Existing HSBC clients who are residents of the UAE are eligible for HSBC world select investment solutions. They have three investment schemes: Subsequent investment, Lump sum investment, and Regular investment.

4. SHUAA Capital

Dubai bases SHUAA Capital is an investment banking firm that offers its financial services in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. This investment bank acts on offering capital for the organizations and receiving good investment options for their investors. In 2008, SHUAA capital won the award of the Best Equity House in the UAE and the Middle East. This is one of the best investment banks in Dubai that was also awarded by the Dubai Financial Market. SHUAA capital also offers its services to small and medium enterprises.

5. Rasmala

Rasmala was founded in 1999 and is known for its exceptional performance. Initially, the investment bank’s services were restricted within the Gulf countries. Although, they soon built a reputation for their incredible services globally. Outside of Dubai, Rasmala has branches in London and Cairo as well. They offer a broad range of investment solutions to their clients that give them a better profit. They work in various sectors such as real estate, equities, fixed income, and more. The client profile of Rasmala mainly consists of family groups, pension funds, corporate companies, and financial institutions.

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