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Top 6 Types of Mortgage Loans in Dubai: What You Need to Know in 2022

Purchasing real estate is a complex procedure. That’s why, in case you’re a first-time home purchaser, the fear of all those strange variables can form the experience overwhelming, stressful, and downright terrifying. There are many determinations you have to form, from determining where to reside, locating an agent, and very crucial selecting the appropriate kind of mortgage loan in Dubai. In order to help you in forming the best decision, we have shared this guide with complete details.

What is a Mortgage in Dubai

A mortgage is a word that refers to a loan taken out to finance the buy of a property. Instead of making the payment of the whole purchase cost in advance, with a mortgage, you just pay a little amount, while your mortgage provider covers the rest.

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Maximum mortgages have a 25-year duration, but they can differ based on the mortgage lender and your credit score. Although, no matter the duration of the loan, the lender sustains property ownership under the best mortgage loan in Dubai till all amounts are formed as per the pre-decided payoff plan.

Here Know the Types of Mortgage Loans in Dubai

Fixed Rate Mortgage

A fixed-rate mortgage loan, as the name shows, is a home loan in which the rate of interest on the principal is pre-decided prior to the loan duration and the rest fixed for some duration. That is, the interest rate you form on the amount, you have borrowed is fixed for a set time duration. In addition, the rate of interest is decided at the discretion of your lender following the policies of the Central Bank of the country. So, it is better to connect with the mortgage loan consultants in Dubai to deal with the right mortgage loan as per your needs.

Variable Rate Mortgage

A variable rate mortgage loan has a rate of interest that doesn’t remain continue over the lifetime of the loan. The rate of interest of variable can alter at any time throughout the term of the loan, based on the market movements in the property market of the emirate. It means, that in case the market terms are favorable and the EIBOR rate is downed, you can finish with an attractive deal. That’s why communicating with mortgage brokers in Dubai is a good option.


A remortgage is a work of getting a new loan to replace a current loan for the same or extra amount. A remortgage is a way of replacing or repaying your current mortgage loan with another. This is typically completed to free up equity on a property for other utilizations. A remortgage loan can even stand deemed a renewal in case the second loan payment is the same as what you get on your existing loan. A mortgage broker in UAE will guide you on such kind of mortgage and also for guidelines and rules. With this professional, you can get your mortgage effortlessly.

Offset Mortgage

An offshore mortgage loan permits the application to form overpayments from a linked bank account. An offshore mortgage loan is a kind of home mortgage loan in Dubai in which your savings account amounts are linked to your loan pays off. Consequently, any savings you possess can stand utilized to form temporary overpayments on your amount.

You would still have entry to your savings and can spend them in case essential. It isn’t the term when your form traditional overpayments on your loan as the amount go directly to your lender and is never back to you.

Investment Mortgage

An investment mortgage is utilized to purchase an acquisition property. An investment home loan, as the name shows, is a loan utilized to purchase a property for acquisition objectives. The target is usually to produce a stream of income by renting out a property to residents or purchasing a house to enhance or update and then sell again for a profit. Also, in case you can get a loan for this goal and are prudent in your acquisition, real estate acquisition in the emirate can stand as an attractive source of income.

Non-resident Mortgage

A non-resident mortgage UAE is particular to non-residents of an emirate or nation. A non-resident mortgage is a lending contract formed obtainable to people who haven’t taxed tenants of a specific city or nation to purchase a property for sale. As the emirate is free from tax, tax isn’t utilized to decide eligibility for this sort of mortgage.

Rather, a Dubai mortgage for non-residents is obtainable to a maximum of people who are – citizens of a nation on the sanctioned list of UAE banks. Also, there are some criteria that you have to follow.

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